Havneguiden 6, Danmark og sydvestlige Sverige, 4th edition



Harbour Guide 6, Danmark og sydvestlige Sverige covers all of Denmark except for the island of Bornholm, and includes the west coast of Sweden from Skanör to the south to Gothenburg to the north. The island of Bornholm and Sweden’s south and east coast are covered by Harbour Guide 7.

This 4th edition of Harbour Guide 6 brings all the guide’s harbour information up to date. Blue swimming symbols have been added to photographs and maps for the first time in this edition, and visitor jetties are marked by a unique red line, making them easier to find. Symbols show the types of mooring you will find in the harbour, so you can prepare before arriving. The maximum boat size permitted in the harbour is given in the text.

Each of the harbours and anchorages in this Harbour Guide is described on a separate page in the book, and includes helicopter pictures, maps and text. The text is split into two sections. The general sections describe the area, its history and activities on offer, and the maritime section gives information on where and how to tie up, what you should watch out for as you approach and special conditions in and around the harbour. The harbour’s website address and telephone number are given in the fact box, which have been updated in this edition. Harbour facilities are also briefly described.

This Harbour Guide divides the coast into six areas, a planning chart for each area being included in the book on which every harbour is marked. The planning charts are useful when planning trips, and there is an alphabetical index of all harbours at the back of the book.

The book text is in Danish. The text can be translated into a wide range of languages via the Harbour Guide Online subscription at www.harbourguide.com.