Hamnguiden 7, Landsort – Skanör, Öland, Gotland & Bornholm, 2nd edition



Many guides for the east coast of Sweden have been published, but none are as informative as this Harbour Guide. The guide includes well-known and less well-known natural harbours along the coast between Landsort and Skanör, and gives users tips on how to approach them. Manmade harbours are also described in detail, each harbour entry including aerial photographs, charts and text descriptions.

Hydrographica’s unique and highly acclaimed harbour charts are used in the first section of this new and substantially revised edition, the section covering all harbours between Landsort and Påskallavik. Every harbour has also been surveyed and checked to make sure that the information is as accurate as possible. More than 250 natural harbours and around 40 manmade harbours are described in this section. Hydrographica’s detailed maps provide a great deal of useful information on harbour conditions below water and ashore. The natural harbour text has been compiled by Lars Granath and the manmade harbour text by Torbjörn Ardebrant.

The second section of this guide covers the coastline from Påskallavik to Skanör, including the islands of Gotland, Öland and Bornholm. The guide is based on the first edition of Harbour Guide 7, but has been significantly updated with many new photographs and updated harbour descriptions. The idyllic harbours along this stretch of coast dominate this section of the guide, 20 of the 140 harbours being natural harbours. The text in this section has been compiled by Per Hotvedt.

It is almost impossible to find a more detailed guide for this part of the Swedish coast than Harbour Guide 7.

Book text in Swedish. The text can be translated into a wide range of languages via a Harbour Guide Online subscription at www.harbourguide.com