Hamnguiden 8, Arholma – Landsort, 4th edition



This guide covers over 400 natural and manmade harbours from Höga kusten to Arholma, along the east coast of Sweden. A detailed Harbour Guide chart, a helicopter picture, text and a fact box are included in each harbour description.

The charts in Harbour Guide 8 are produced by Hydrographica and are based on Hydrographica’s unique, tried and tested 3D aerial photograph surveying technique. Every Harbour Guide chart has also been checked and verified by on-site surveys.

The helicopter pictures and markings provide a quick overview of each harbour, its atmosphere, facilitates, approach fairways, hazards and mooring options. Rocks and shallows are also marked on the pictures.

This is one of the very best and most complete Stockholm archipelago guides!

Book text in Swedish. The text can be translated into a wide range of languages via a Harbour Guide Online subscription at www.harbourguide.com