Hamnguiden 9, Vänern och Vättern, Göta älv – Dalslands kanal – Göta kanal, 2nd edition


ISBN 978-82-7997-221-1

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Harbour Guide 9 covers 255 natural and manmade harbours along the inland route across southern Sweden starting from the river Göta, continuing to Lake Vänern, passing along the Dalsland Canal, the Vikingaleden inland waterway and the Göta Canal and ending in Lake Vättern. Well-known and less well-known natural harbours are described, and fairway tips are given. Manmade harbours are also described in detail, including their facilities and mooring options, every harbour entry including a detailed Harbour Guide chart, a helicopter photograph, text and a fact box.

The charts in the 2nd edition of Harbour Guide 8, which was published in 2016, were something completely new at that time for sea charts. They were well received and this type of chart has also been used in Harbour Guide 7 and now in this new edition of Harbour Guide 9. All the Harbour Guide charts are produced by Hydrographica and are based on Hydrographica’s tried and tested 3D aerial photograph surveying technique. Every Harbour Guide chart has been checked and verified by on-site surveys.

Harbour Guide charts also use the very latest terrain laser scanning technology. Contours are very accurate, the equidistance being 2.5 metres. Shadow effects also allow the terrain to be given a 3D-feeling. This helps the user quickly gain an impression of a harbour, where the best shelter is and, for example, whether islands are flat and give any shelter.

Helicopter pictures and markings give users a quick impression of each harbour, its atmosphere, facilities, approaches, hazards and mooring options. Rocks and shallows are also marked on the pictures.

The text is split into a general and maritime section. The general section describes the history, natural environment and activities the harbour can offer. The maritime section provides information on where it is sheltered and safe to moor, the safest way of mooring and things you should be aware of.

Book text in Swedish. The text can be translated into a wide range of languages via a Harbour Guide Online subscription at www.harbourguide.com