Hamnguiden 5, Göteborg – Svinesund, 3. utg

kr 678


Forfatter: Hanne Engevik og Jørn Engevik
ISBN: 9728292284988 English summary included

We have, in this third edition of Havneguide 5, made a number of changes. Firstly, there are more natural harbours in the guide than before. We have also changed the way we mark where you can tie up outside of harbours. Places where you can tie up are now marked on the areal photos in the same way as on Havneguide charts, with a red line.

The third important change we have made is to the symbols we use on our charts to mark where to tie up in harbours. We previously used just a visitor anchor to mark where to tie up. We have, however, in this edition introduced the use of a set of symbols that indicate not only where to tie up but also how to tie up. The symbols show you whether you should tie up using a stern anchor, stern mooring buoy, stern mooring lines, tie up in pens or tie up alongside. Entering a harbour with all the mooring equipment you need ready is a great way to increase the pleasure of boating.

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