Forfatter: Jon Amtrup
ISBN: 9788292284582

Svalbard is a reasonable accessible sailing dream for many people. With a fair wind it takes only three days from mainland Norway to reach Hornsund. From there on it is beautiful, but demanding sailing all the way.

In the few summer months of 2010 80 skippers on sailing yachts where in the area, and the numbers keep rising. So if you want to experience some midnight sun, Polar Bears, ice, whalerus, seal, desolate anchorages and fantastic nature it’s time to set a date and start making plans. It will be worth all the effort and preparations. It will make you a better sailor and give you memories that will possibly fuel your dreams to go even further.

Sail to Svalbard is the most comprehensive cruising guide to Svalbard, and contains all the necessary information regarding preparations, permits, SAR, how to handle Polar Bears and all the harbours and wild anchorages.


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